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Wear Resistant Plates
Mar 15, 2018

wear resistant plates 

At present, the wear-resistant liner is divided into the following kinds of material components:

  1. Ceramic Liner

  Ceramic liner is based on Al2O3 as the main raw material, to rare metal oxides as the flux, after 1700 degrees of high-temperature roasting of the special corundum ceramics, and then the use of special rubber and high-strength organic/inorganic adhesive combination of products.

  2. wear resistant alloy steel plate, which relates to the inner liner of various ball mills, shredders and conveying systems for nonferrous, black, metallurgy, mining, power and building materials industries. The steel plate with pickling and polishing is arranged between two layers of high chromium alloy cast iron layer, and a number of through holes are opened in the steel plate to fill the high chromium alloy cast iron in the through hole. The utility model has the same material as the high chromium alloy cast iron, because the Q235 steel plate with a thickness of 2~3mm is compounded at the distance from the 6~10mm of the working face, the hardening technology is used, the hardness reaches HRC55 above, and the antiwear ability of the working face is improved, and the toughness is not broken,

  The service life of 6 months, compared to the original liner board increased 1~2 times.

  3. Rubber Liner: Rubber liner using a special formula, high pressure vulcanization treatment, wear resistance greatly improve the service life is fierce steel liner 1.5-twice times, the rubber itself unique elastic cushion greatly reduced the fierce impact.

  At the same time, the rubber liner has excellent corrosion resistance.

  4, wear-resistant composite liner: Wear-resistant composite liner has mainly ceramic composite liner and bimetal wear-resistant liner. Wear-resistant composite liner to avoid the shortcomings of a single material, such as ceramic brittleness, high chromium alloy is not weldability.

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