Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates

Wear Resistant Bimetal Plates

wear resistant bimetal plates(wear resistant chromium carbide plate)provided by Shandong Qishuai.QS is one of the most biggest manufacture in China.With all kinds of sizes and thickness sales well. Any more details,welcome to contact us:florahu@zbqishuai.cn


Features of the wear resistant bimetal plates

Convenient processing performance ratio: the guy can be arbitrarily according to the size of the blanking (plasma cutting), molding easily spell wear-resistant steel plate welded on the surface of wear parts (carbon steel), can also be processed into sink hole bolting on the artifacts. It can also be formed to the internal cold bending molding such as: wear-resisting pipe, dedusting elbow, various types of celestial circle and other board member. (the casting wear-resistant plate is not to be assembled with the welding method. The cast steel is also difficult to cast large area of wear-resistant plates, and the traditional castings are bulky, because the deformation is designed to strengthen the reinforcement).

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