Wear-resistant Ceramic Rubber Composite Plate

Wear-resistant Ceramic Rubber Composite Plate

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Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite plate

Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite plate can be divided into the following categories:

A. The square wear-resistant ceramic lining embedded in special rubber, vulcanized to form a wear-resistant ceramic rubber lining, and then use high-strength adhesive to the liner bonded to the equipment within the steel shell to form a strong and buffered defense Milling.

B. The hemispherical wear-resistant ceramic lining compound with rubber vulcanization, and then use high-strength adhesive ceramic rubber composite plate affixed to the equipment by the impact of large parts of the material to form both wear-resistant and resistant to combat sturdy Wear layer. Ceramic unique spherical design, can effectively break down the impact of materials on the liner, to avoid the material to break ceramic pieces, widely used in coal-fired power plants and metallurgical and steel systems, steel sinter plant of the system of feeding, mixing system hopper , Hoppers and other high drop, the impact of large parts.

C. The wear-resistant ceramic lining and rubber, steel curing together to form ceramic - rubber - steel composite wear-resistant impact liner, and steel connection can be welded or bolt connection, easy to install and remove, can Widely used in trough, hopper and other impact wear protection.

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